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Please read the information below.  

If interested, fill in the form here for stall space at the market.

​The Steampunk NZ Festival attracts hundreds of Steampunks from around New Zealand and abroad, in additional to local visitors.  This market is a fabulous venue to showcase merchandise and artworks with a steampunk flavour, with space selling out well ahead of the event.

The Steampunk Market is an indoor market at a unique venue, the Loan and Merc building in the heart of Oamaru’s Victorian Precinct.

Venue:        Loan & Merc Function Centre, 14 Harbour Street, Oamaru.
Dates:          Saturday & Sunday, 1st and 2nd June 2019

You may have stalls on one or both days.
Times:       Pack in 8.00 – 10.00am both days.  Loading area is at the back of the building (railway side). Pack out by 3.45 pm both days – the venue is needed in the evening.

Stall size:     3.3m x 1.5m 
Cost:        $40/day per stall with chairs only, - bring your own furniture.
                  $50/day per stall with a table and chairs.

Info for stall holders:

This is an inside market. It is a tight space. Unless you have several spaces you cannot spread out. Stalls are based on tables with standing room behind. If you bring racks you must keep them out of the passageways.

Your space will be labelled. 

Bring your own eftpos if you wish.

There is a coffee bar in the Housekeepers Design shop next door, plus other cafes nearby.  We will have self-service tea/coffee available for you as well.

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