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An Astronomical Discourse on Telescopic History

12:30pm Saturday 5 June

Repertory Theatre, 5 Itchen St

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The Steampunk Institute of Astronomical Learnings and Leanings* is offering a short discourse on ‘the History of the Telescope’ and the things that were made ‘For seeing things far away as if they were nearby’.

Become enlightened to the timeline of the telescope
Be delighted by excerpts from the ancient book of optics 
Look at early star maps, and learn about the people who made them


Get your cogs in gear, and engage the brain for this short presentation that takes a light hearted look into the world of concave lenses, parabolic mirrors, perspicillum, reflectors and refractors.

*aka Amanda Page of Stellar Origins, Tekapo

$5 door entry.

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