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Sunday 2 June, 4pm  
The Victoria Lounge, 7 Thames Street 

The elusive Green Fairy versus notorious Mother's Ruin – aka absinthe versus gin.


Step into the mystical world of a Victorian Steampunk Botanical laboratory (on an ordinary day, the magical place we call "The Victoria Lounge") Prepare to test your skills and unleash your inner Botanist as you delve into intricate experiments and hands-on activities. From concocting potions to analysing volatile compounds, every moment promises flames, fumes, and thrilling discoveries.

Your laboratory experience begins on arrival with a warming ‘scientific’ cocktail experience – and will lead you through sensory delights of sight, smell and taste.


Delicious morsels will sustain you on you endeavours as you carefully craft cocktails from absinthe and gin –allowing you to draw your own conclusions and decide which botanical reigns supreme. Will it be the earthy allure of wormwood or the crisp essence of juniper?

Last year the Victoria Lounge event sold out fast - don't miss out!


Tickets $55 per person

Strictly R18

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