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Introduction to

Steampunk fashion

Saturday 5 June, 11am

Repertory Theatre, Itchen St

$5 door entry

Join Countess Simona Evangeline de Montgomerie  Mistress of the Robe to her glorious majesty Queen Victoria for a pictorial romp through the aesthetic of Steampunk.

Have you ever wondered retrospectively what is the style of design and fashion that combines historical elements with anachronistic technological features inspired by science fiction?


Oh yes that right, its Steampunk, but what does that really look like - we think we might know but maybe we don’t. This talk might offer more confusion at the worst, and some enlightenment at best.

What does the Countess know about Steampunk? Come along and find about the aesthetic of Steampunk fashion with visual examples to illustrate what she thinks are some fundamental indicators. 

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