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suitcase challenge 2024

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Announcing the Great World Suitcase Challenge!


With approval from (the instigators) Hatton Cross Steampunk, Gloucester, VA, USA, we are delighted to offer this creative experience for Steampunk NZ Festival 2023.


For our inaugural challenge, we shall offer one category only:

'The Personal Suitcase', aka: 'I'm only going on a short jaunt.'

This category will focus on your own personal suitcase of a size that you could carry unaided, and which you could place under your seat or in the overhead bin of an airship.


It should be no larger than 70 cm x 53 cm x 36 cm, and weigh no more than 20 kg. 

Look here for inspiration!


Judging criteria and points will be awarded on the aesthetics of your luggage, how creative the backstory is, how much are you able to incorporate into the suitcase and what (if any) transformation happens upon opening it. We want to see all the bells and whistles, lights and all the things that make this build uniquely yours.


Plumb the depths and exceed the limitations of your experience as an inventor and maker. Soar to new and glorious lofty goals. Wow the judges with your creativity.


We hope you have a wonderful time creating your suitcase and look forward to seeing them in all their glory on display at Steampunk NZ Festival.


Your suitcase needs to be on display at the Festival by 10am Saturday 3 June 2023.


Instructions for drop off will be on your registration forms.

No entry fee.

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