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Tea Duelling
Day, time and location to be this space!

Indulge in the time-honoured tradition of Steampunk Tea Duelling, where elegance meets excitement in a battle of wits and dexterity. Join us for a session of refined competition as participants vie for supremacy in the art of biscuit dunking. Harnessing the power of steam and ingenuity, contenders carefully dip their biscuits into piping hot tea, aiming for the perfect balance of moistness without breakage. With each dunk, tensions rise and strategies unfold, culminating in a thrilling showdown of nerves and skill. Whether you're a seasoned duellist or a curious newcomer, Steampunk Tea Duelling promises an unforgettable blend of camaraderie and competition. Prepare to sip, dunk, and conquer in this delightful display of Victorian sophistication with a steampunk twist! Beware Tea duellers like to partake in a little dunking many a time across the festival  - be prepared to Dunk at a moment’s notice.

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