Tea Duelling

Sunday 6 June, 1pm 

Badminton Hall, Tyne St


White and one? Plain gumboot? 5-minute brew-time? Only Oolong for you? Steeped at 83.5 degrees Celsius, exactly? Stewed whilst facing due east at precisely 7.37am on a lazy Sunday?


None of that matters here. Your preferences, foibles and extravagant beverage requirements will do nothing to help you.  

To survive this challenge, you must rely only on your steely wits. To win, you must hold your nerve and dunk LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!

Do you have the necessary strength of character to compete in this tannin-infused trial of intestinal fortitude?  Or are you simply keen to cheer on the chai challengers from the sidelines?


Join Colonel Sir Julius Hawthorne and Mrs Hudson (the Younger) who will bravely (and sternly) adjudicate the 2021 Tea Duelling Championships in Oamaru in the midst of the stalls at the Steampunk Market.