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Real life and imitation military dress (post 19th century) will not be permitted. 
All items must be legal to carry in public, visitors to the Oamaru Steampunk Festival will not be welcome if carrying any of the following:

  • Firearms of any description; shotguns, rifles and hand guns of any type, (even if decommissioned)

  • Tasers and laser devices including laser pointers

  • Explosives or other incendiary devices, (even if decommissioned)

  • Metal weapons such as knives, swords, daggers, switchblades, axes, hatchets, metal halberds, glaives, ninja stars or similar

  • Other weapons/sporting equipment such as archery bows/arrows, cross bows, slingshots, blowguns, bb guns, air-soft guns, paint-ball guns, brass knuckles, nun-chucks and whips

  • Other dangerous items such as flame-throwers

Your costume props must be in-operable and look part of your character/costume and should be obviously fantastical and not look like standard modern day weapons.
Nerf/water guns and similar should not be loaded with any nerf or water bullets. 
Over-sized accessories or props may not be welcome due to health and safety concerns such as if they are likely to injure or trip others.
We recommend that all props are transported to and from the Festival events in a suitable bag, case or cover. When not in use, we advise you to lock them in your car/accommodation etc. Please be aware that even steampunk props can cause alarm in a public place and take care to display them only when and where appropriate.
Please be mindful of how you use/display your props – do not brandish them in a way that the public might consider threatening or unsafe.


Steampunk NZ Festival Weapons Policy:


In light of recent events in Christchurch, the Festival organisers have put in place this policy... Any persons breaching this policy will not be admitted into any Festival Events: 





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