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Monday 7 June, 9am

Early Settlers Hall, Thames St

Salutations, Steampunk society, here’s a wee teaser for another festival event…our SteamPINK Breakfast, fundraising for the Breast Cancer Foundation.


Join us at a fun event for this worthy cause.  Those wearing as much pink as possible will be advantaged enormously, so dig deep into your Steampunk wardrobe!


Fill your pockets with gold coinage for trinkets, bribes and raffles - and we will fill your bellies with a wonderful breakfast.


There will be goodie bags, prizes, raffles, a quiz and of course a delicious breakfast.


What better way to finish a wonderful festival weekend, or to prepare for your journey home?

Tickets $35.00 - email your booking to


If you are unable to attend but would still like to support our SteamPINK Breakfast fundraiser – donations can be made directly at Pink Ribbon Breakfast Campaign - every bit helps.

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