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Steampunk NZ Festival
Teapot Racing Rules

The aim of Teapot Racing is to remotely drive your racing teapot around the set course through all obstacles in as quick a time as possible.


A racing teapot shall consist of a "teapot" mounted on a radio-controlled chassis and remotely controlled by the Driver.
The chassis should have wheels or tracks or a combination of both.

The "teapot" design is up to the contestant, but points will be awarded for how Steampunk it is.


A racing teapot should not exceed these dimensions, or they will have trouble negotiating some of the course obstacles:
- Length: 400mm
- Width:  300mm

- Height: 300mm


The racing course is under the control of the Race Director and is to be laid out according to their whim and will consist of a marked area which has a number of obstacles within it. The course driving line will be marked, and the Race Director will fully explain the course and rules at the start of the competition.  One teapot at a time endeavours to drive the course within the allotted time of 2:30 (two minutes, thirty seconds)


  • Fastest time to complete full course is the overall winner.

  • Or, the winner is the teapot that drives the furthest in the allotted 2:30 time.

  • If a teapot drives completely outside the marker tape defining the course boundary, the timer will be stopped and that drive ends.

  • Each Drive is allowed up to three recoveries - here the Driver is allowed to re-position their teapot in order to proceed. A recovery of a teapot MUST NOT position the teapot further along the course - a Driver can re-position their teapot further back on the course (i.e. move Teapot back to start of current obstacle in order to have another try, or re-position the teapot in the same place - such as place it back onto the wheels after a rollover). Each recovery will add a 10 second penalty to the Driver's finishing time.

  • All competing teapots must be registered and displayed in the "Pits" 30 minutes before start of competition.

  • Different Drivers may drive the same teapot, but each Driver must complete their own Registration.

  • Driver starting order will be randomly determined and the Driver order will be displayed on the Pit Card with each teapot.

  • Drivers must start their drive within ONE minute of being called to the starting gate - failure to do this will mean disqualification.

  • Drivers may walk on the course with their teapot during their drive.


The Race Director may change any of these Racing Rules on the competition day.

In order to maximise racing time, our Officials will not be accepting any bribes.

The Steampunk NZ Festival Teapot Racing Race Director and Judge decisions are full and final.


 Prizes may be awarded at the Judge/Race Director's discretion for:


  • Grand Winner: Quickest time on the course

  • Runner UP: second quickest time on course

  • 3rd Place: third quickest time on course

  • Junior Winner:  Quickest time on the course by under 15y Driver

  • Junior Runner Up: second quickest time on course by under 15y Driver

  • First Time Winner: Quickest time on the course by a first time contestant

  • Most Spectacular Crash

  • Most entertaining Driver

  • Best Total Failure

  • Best Steampunk Teapot

  • Best Dressed Steampunk Driver

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