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Friday 31 May 2024 - 6pm sharp!

Entrance to Harbour Street

Prepare to witness a unique spectacle at 'The Gate Opening Ceremony' - a Steampunk twist on the centuries-old tradition of the Ceremony of the Keys, performed nightly at the Tower of London. As the sun sets over the enchanting town of Oamaru, gather at the festival gates to witness a momentous event that will signal the official opening of the Steampunk NZ Festival 2024.

​In a spectacle reminiscent of Victorian-era pomp and circumstance, esteemed figures, bedecked in their finest Steampunk regalia, will take centre stage to perform the ceremonial unlocking of the gates. Guided by the irrepressible energy of our MC, prepare to be swept away on a journey through time and imagination.

As festival ambassadors Agent Darling and La Falconese step forward to swing open the gates, the air will crackle with anticipation.  We expect the crowd to erupt in the most rousing HUZZAH!

​To add to the excitement, the brassy energetic sounds of Crash Bandihoot will fill the air, leading everyone into the heart of Harbour Street with infectious energy and enthusiasm.

​Join us for 'The Gate Opening Ceremony' at 6pm SHARP! and be part of history in the making as we embark on a weekend of Steampunk splendour and adventure.

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