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new for 2024!




For 2024, we are encouraging Steampunk NZ Festival attendees to bring small creative trinkets for swapping with other Steampunks. Taking a leaf out of the one inch square ‘inchies’ that artists, quilters, and so on swap at exhibitions and workshops, we are encouraging you to make and bring around 50 small trinkets. 


You will be able to exchange your trinkets with other Steampunks as a token of friendship and remembrance. By the time you get home you will have 50 handmade unique trinkets from 50 wonderful Steampunks, which you can use to embellish your outfits or gadgets.  When and where you exchange your trinkets is entirely at your discretion and could happen anytime from the Meet and Greet to a friendly chat in the street.  


As a guide your trinkets should be:   

  •         Bigger than a 10 cent piece and smaller than a playing card

  •         Do not have to be expensive - be creative.


Making sure everyone is well fed - local establishments will be presenting Steampunk Supper Club specials ensuring everyone is well fed. 


Workshops and demonstrations - information to follow



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